Novavision Colour Contact Lenses

Be the star! and stand out with Novavision's range of premium colour contact lenses. Novavision offers colour (tinted) lenses for both cosmetic and prescription use.   There is a colour and design to suit every style and look. Let Novavision dress up your eyes!

Novavision stands out from the crowd with its vibrant colours, and design variety. Known for its natural appearance, amazing design patterns and stand out appearance, Novavision lenses also provide you with the highest level of comfort longer. Our lenses are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Authority of Australia, which ensures your safety when using our product!

Novavision lenses are different from those out there! Our colour film is enclosed within each of our lens, whilst others have their colour/pattern film stamped onto the lens. This ensures our colours remain vibrant and our lens is safe and does not cause discomfort or damage to your eye. Not every contact lens is made the same.

Novavision's extensive product range ensures there is a Novavision product to suit every budget and every look!

Ask your local Optometrist about Novavision.

Novavision offers more than just colour, ask your local eye-care practitioner about our Discon - Monthly Disposable Lenses!

To find your local optometrist please email us at or call (02) 8667 1777 to speak to a member of our team. contact us.

To view video tutorials about using Novavision visit our YouTube channel

Novavision lenses are made by Innova Vision Inc.

Novavision always recommends that you check your eyes for suitability with an eye-care practitioner.

Novavision is a Division of Hawley International, a wholly Australian owned company.